Projects are priced individually, depending on what each one entails. 

However, as a general rule of thumb, I charge £250 for a full day's work from morning until evening. as required by each shoot.

In reality there are always extra days of editing and logistics needed so in order to keep the costs affordable for you, if you book for more than three days, the daily price drops and prices are open to negotiation.

A guideline to prices is as follows: 

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'Run and Gun' shoot £250 per day (plus travel).

This includes the use of the following kit: 

Panasonic Lumix camera and lenses

Zhiyun Crane gimbal rig

 Rode Pro microphone

DJI Mavic Pro drone

GoPro Hero 7 Black

Post production edit starts at

£250 a day


1 day shoot:                      £250

1 day shoot, 1 day edit:      £500

2 days shoot, 1 day edit:    £750

2 days shoot, 2 days edit:  £800

3 days shoot, 4 days edit:   £1000


Travel to anywhere - travel expenses are arranged separately. 


If you are planning to shoot in only one location this can save on cost. 

By being strategic about which locations offer the most scope, it is sometimes possible to fit a lot into a day.


The process is made a lot slicker if there is a clear vision for the shot list. If you would like to discuss your project ideas please feel free to get in touch. I'm open to suggestion and very versatile! I'd love to help create your vision!

Useful information to include in your message: 

1. What kind of shoot do you require?

(Crowdfunder video, promotional video, music video, documentary etc.)

2. When do you need it?

3. Where would you like to film and how many locations would be involved?

4. How long would your film need to be?

5. Do you already have an idea for this film?

6. What is your approximate budget?

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