Scenic Routes with Scenic Shoots.

Hikes, Cameras, Action!

Coming soon... please drop me a line if you would like to be informed of when hikes will be starting post- Covid 19. Thank you.

Join Scenic Shoots on adventures around Wales, led by experienced Mountain Leader and photographer Antonia Salter.

In these Introductions to Nature Photography,  you will learn how to compose and plan shots and about which settings to use on your camera to get the best results out of the equipment you already have. Not everyone wants to buy the most expensive equipment but almost everyone wants to take better pictures for their Instagram account, Facebook profiles and for their own business websites. With cameras and even smart phones becoming ever more advanced, it's amazing what you can do just by knowing a few simple photo hacks... the main secret to getting amazing shots is being there


So take the scenic route with Scenic Shoots!

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