A Pho-DOG-raphy shoot costs £250 including travel to anywhere in South/ mid Wales shown within the radius below.  It also includes all your favourite images edited beautifully and emailed to you in digital format. You will then receive a quality 10x8" print of your most favourite photograph, ready for you to frame. Further prints and products can be ordered by request.

This process usually takes under a week from beginning to end.

Choose a location for your shoot. It can be somewhere you know or I can help you find somewhere suitable from a list of known locations that will look stunning and that I know you and your dog will love.  We are fortunate to have so many wonderful places to choose from in Wales.

Email me or call to arrange your preferred date and time.

Ideally, shoots should be done either early morning within two hours after sunrise or within two hours before sunset to make the most of the 'golden hour'. However, it is always possible to get beautiful shots at any time of day as long as there is enough light.

Once we have arranged a location, date and time, a deposit of 50% is payable. I am so confident that you will be bowled over by your photographs that you don't have to pay another penny until you have received the final product. I will send an invoice by email for the deposit and then for the remaining 50% plus any extra products you require at the end of the process.


What if it's raining? 

Yes, we live in Wales. It's true that it gets a bit wet from time to time. We will aim to go ahead with the shoot as much as possible. However, if it's raining hard it's not a problem to reschedule at no extra cost, for a time when you, your dog and my camera gear will all be happy : ) 

What about social distancing?

The shoot will be entirely outdoors. I would meet you in a car park and I will keep a safe distance away from you at all times. I am happy to wear a mask if that makes you more at ease. I always carry hand sanitiser and will ensure that my hands are clean before touching your dog. Ideally, you will be giving your dog all the treats and encouragement to help get the best out of the shoot. 

Do you only do dogs?

I am happy to photograph any animal that can feasibly run freely outside! So if you have a pet goose, a llama or an iguana, that's fine by me! It takes all types to make the world go round.



I operate in the area shown below (including the Vale of Glamorgan/ south Wales coast). The paw in the middle is me!


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